Living Room Makeover Tips

Most people think that doing interior makeovers is expensive, which is why they don’t usually make it happen, although they think and dream about it a lot. Well, the only reason why it seems expensive is because your neighbor, coworker, or some friend told you so. But if you actually dig in a lot deeper, a makeover doesn’t really have to be that expensive to be successful.

In this article, let’s focus on what you can do for a living room makeover. We’re basically giving you a bunch of ideas, but it doesn’t mean you follow them all from the littlest details. This post serves as a friendly reminder to you that you don’t need to pay for the services of a professional or interior designer just to be able to do some makeover to your living room. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the most beautiful yet simple living room makeover ideas:

Let’s kick things off with the article “14 Living-Room and Dining-Room Makeovers” from

With plain white walls, no window treatments, and bland, neutral furnishings, the room feels a bit stark. The space has great details, like a wooden mantel and built-in bookshelves, but they aren’t being showcased properly.



Drawing the furnishings closer together creates a more intimate atmosphere. The bold zebra print accent adds contrast to the low-key sofa, while removing the large area rug makes the space feel less cramped and exposes the beautiful wood floors.




The before and after photos above are a perfect example of what you can do to a boring and dull living room without really spending more than a hundred bucks. This is a showcase of a makeover in a room that’s limited in space and needs to appear larger and roomier.

Now let’s move over to, this time in the article “30 Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas.” See some of the pretty ideas below:

Bold and Bright

Inject personality into your living space with energetic hues and quirky secondhand finds, like this coral sofa and gilded accent pieces.



Rustic Appeal

The antique wooden beams are a welcome contrast to the modern furniture in this airy farmhouse.



Lively Design

This formal living room shows off pops of kelly green, bright golds, and graphic prints to make a statement that is cohesive, but far from boring.

See some more of this post’s living room makeover ideas by clicking this link.

Just like the first samples we showed you, these ones aren’t really an expensive endeavor. Yes, it could be true that you might get tempted to purchase additional decorative stuff, but the key is realizing that you already can do a lot with what you already have.

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