Decorate Your Interior with Quality Furniture

Your choice of furniture is one of the most important aspects of interior decor. The right type, size, and look of your furniture can enhance your space both functionally and aesthetically, making it more unique, distinctive, and suitable for your taste and lifestyle requirements, especially when you use customized pieces.

Is Custom Furniture Better?

The quality of furniture is determined by the type of materials used in making them, their design and overall aesthetic value, as well as the workmanship involved in creating them. You can always buy ready-made furniture from stores, but if you want the elements in your space to be more unique, have your furniture customized. Some ready-made furniture is cheaper, that’s true, but you cannot be sure about their durability. With bespoke furniture that is made by skilled hands, you can be sure that you are investing in pieces that are durable and will last a long time.

Bespoke furniture can be made of wood treated to be scratch-resistant, which is ideal when the furniture will be exposed to rough handling (like in the case of kitchen counters). When having custom upholstered furniture made, you can have them designed with removable cushions for easy cleaning. The type of foam or cushioning and thickness is up to you, too.

Finding a Bespoke Furniture Manufacturer

There are interior design companies that can create bespoke furniture and upholstery for your space. The furniture will match or enhance your interiors and are made with high-quality materials to ensure full functionality and durability. Some of the best interior design companies in Dubai have experienced and skilled in-house craftsmen who work with the design team in charge of your project to make sure that your vision of a beautifully decorated and designed space is incorporated into the furniture as well.

A reputable interior design company in Dubai can produce all kinds of furniture to the highest standards–from kitchen cabinets to loose and fixed furniture, wardrobes, wooden flooring, frames, doors, paneling, bulkheads, ornate ceilings, coves, hand-carved products, and sports equipment and tables. Skilled workers can also provide the best garden and landscaping products.

There are no boundaries in interior design when you work with a company that can handle furniture and joinery projects. Skilled interior designers know the value of great quality and bespoke furniture and how uniquely designed pieces can make your space more functional and attractive at the same time. Work with your interior designer and their team of experts to determine the kinds of furniture that you can customize for your space.

Ace Interior Design & Furniture Industry LLC was established in 1991 as a small interior design company with a vision to create spaces that enhance the human experience. With a state-of-the-art joinery and a large team of craftsmen and designers, Ace has grown into one of the stalwarts of the UAE Interiors and manufacturing industries. Ace has redefined interiors solutions, furniture manufacturing , fit-out and consultancy for retail outlets, hospitals, hotels, malls, clinics, malls, offices, residences and shops with its ceaseless approach towards professionalism, communication, integrity and honesty.

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